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Car shipping inside out

Shipping a car for the first time might be an incredibly stressful process, especially if you are confused about the industry in general. So this is why we decided to create this article to help you get a better idea of what the companies in this business can offer you in terms of services and flexibility as well as address some of the most common misconceptions. 

What is the best way to get my vehicle shipped?

What is usually meant in this case is “cost effective” so we always offer an open car hauler

There are various types of open carriers available, each catering to different transportation needs. Smaller three-car haulers are commonly used for local moves, especially for state and regional shipments within a thousand miles. Similarly, larger five-car haulers can handle nationwide transportation but are primarily focused on serving more localized areas.

For long-distance and nationwide shipments, the ten-car haulers are the preferred choice. They have the capacity to travel thousands of miles in just a week or two, making cross-country routes economically viable for them. These carriers are the ones we primarily collaborate with to transport your vehicle.

Open carriers offer the most cost-effective rates for several reasons. Firstly, they can transport up to ten vehicles simultaneously, reducing the cost per vehicle. Moreover, carriers can strategically plan their pickups and deliveries to ensure they have sufficient funds for fueling and maintaining their trucks. Additionally, due to a high number of carriers operating on similar routes, there is significant competition for loads, leading carriers to compete with each other and offer competitive prices to secure more transportation jobs.


Enclosed car hauler typically offers wider pickup timeframes compared to open carriers. The pickup window refers to the duration between booking your order and securing a carrier for vehicle transportation. For open carriers, this window is usually 3-5 days for most vehicles. However, enclosed transportation may take around a week to ten days on average due to the fewer available carriers on the road and their limited service routes.
We recommend enclosed transportation services, especially for transporting high-value vehicles, such as newer luxury cars, exotic cars, sports cars, and restored classics. Essentially, any vehicle where the value is either depreciating or exceptionally high and you want to avoid the risk of damage and significant loss of value at once. For most vehicles that depreciate with use, enclosed transport services are not necessary, as they are designed to undergo regular depreciation.


Opting for an auto broker to coordinate vehicle shipping can lead to time and cost savings while ensuring a safer process. Auto brokers typically operate across extensive networks and have established connections with numerous carrier companies. As a result, they can provide a curated list of approved and reliable auto shippers, enabling you to compare quotes and secure the most favorable arrangement.
Please see the article how to choose a reliable broker.


How long will it take to have my car delivered?

Shipping companies typically cover approximately 500 miles per day so you can always calculate the time frames depending on your route. However, it's important to note that these are general estimates, and guaranteed delivery times cannot be provided by auto shippers due to factors beyond their control, such as adverse weather conditions or road accidents leading to traffic disruptions. Various factors can influence the delivery time, such as mechanical issues or delays caused by other vehicles being transported together. For greater certainty in delivery times, terminal-to-terminal shipping is an option since it eliminates the need to navigate through residential or city streets for door-to-door drop-off.


If your schedule prevents you from being present at the delivery location, you have the option to nominate a trusted individual to receive the vehicle on your behalf. This simple arrangement can help expedite the process. Moreover, if a carrier offers expedited service, you may have more control over the shipping time, though this option is usually more expensive. However, with expedited service, carriers can often provide guarantees on pick-up dates.


Do you happen to have any other questions? You can always give a call to one of our agents to assist you with those.

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