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How to choose a reliable company

There’s no need to tell us how overwhelming the process of shipping your vehicle can be...

All you ever wanted was to pay a reasonable amount for a service and then get all that weight off your shoulders. But here we go now: thousands of calls from different brokers, a million different prices and a billion of options to choose from. BUT it’s not easy to figure out what exactly do you need. 


This is exactly why choosing the right company is the most important thing on the list – because they can take care of all of this for you and you won’t have to worry about a thing! So how can you understand who’s trustworthy and professional? We’re here to help you out on this quest as well because we believe that being open with our customers will always benefit both parties.  


What is the first thing you should do when considering working with a car shipping company? Start with gathering information! You can simply ask about the name and address of the company, ask for their licensing info (like MC number and USDOT number) and ask for some links to check the reviews. This information is sufficient enough to understand who’s on the other end of the line – a fraud or a professional.  


Now let’s start checking all the information we got. Simply Google the name of the company and check the information that comes up – the website, address etc. Everything looks presentable and legit? Great! Now we can move on to the next step and check the reviews as well.  


Check out how many reviews the company has on Google, TrustPilot and Transport Reviews. These are the most reliable services that all customers use to tell others about their experience with the business. These services block fake reviews so you can be sure you’re not being fooled by anyone.  Does the company have a decent amount of feedback? Are there any agent’s names mentioned? Are the reviews recent? What about the old ones? Everything looks ok to you? Then you’re on a good track! You might even find out that your friends or coworkers used the same company and shared their experience. This is always a good tool to use.  


And last but most certainly not least – LICENSES! If all the previous points might leave you with doubts, this one is a solid dealbreaker. All companies that have anything to do with transportation in the US are regulated by US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and therefore are registered with Federal Motor Carries Safety Administration (FMCSA). FMCSA created a portal where all the information about a carrier, broker or other entity is easily accessible to anyone.  


All you have to do is go online, go to that portal and then insert the USDOT number, MC number or the name of the company and check the details of the companie’s license and registration as well as their insurance. Here’s the link you can follow to do that:  


And you’re all done! Always remember to check the information and go with a reliable and trustworthy company when you need to transport your vehicle. There’s plenty of fraudulent companies that provide you with misleading information just to get you to do business with them so do your best to stay away from them. Here at Pride Car Shipping we care about your safety and appreciate the trust you have in us. That’s why we’ve added the licenses to our website for your convenience here.  


Choose a transparent company choose Pride!

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